by Beesley

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released August 31, 2015

James Nager - Voice & Guitar
Elliott Dawson - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Blue Thorn - Percussion
Joshua Hall - The Bass Guitar

Joni Butler - Recording & Mixing
Sam Womersley - Mastering



all rights reserved


Beesley Wakefield, UK

Beesley was a band.

April 17th 2014

September 10th 2015

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Track Name: Empty
I’m so sick of the small talk,
But it’s better than awkward fights.
I know we're both unhappy,
There’s so much behind your blue eyes.

Sleep under the starlight, rest and forget.
Sleep under the moonlight, rest our unclear heads.

I'm running on empty,
The fuel tank ran dry.
Why am I still trying?
When all we do is frown and cry.

Sleep under the starlight, do my best to forget.
Sleep under the moonlight, or we can part ways instead.
Track Name: Jane, Air
I'm still afraid,
Of whats going to happen.
Don't tell me we'll be friends,
Just tell me we'll be fine.

I crave your:
Touch on my arm, your thoughts in my mind,
Your hands in my hair, your lips on mine.
Together I stay above, the water that keeps me down.

You change with the seasons,
Our hearts died with the autumn leaves.

And I'm still afraid,
That you'll leave me behind.
Together I stay above, the water that drags me down.
Track Name: Sunshine
Feel like I'm chasing my tail,
because every step i take,
feels the same.
Am I going in circles?
Because everyday's the same.

I want to be caught in between,
your bed sheets, and waste away.
I'm sick of hearing you say,
That I have to "change my ways",
Because I'm finally happy.

I'm crying, again.
Over spilt milk, that means nothing.
Sat in my room,
Thinking of you. (thinking of you).

Be straight with me!
Tell me how you're feeling.
I want to lay on your floor,
And listen to "American Football".

Better smarten up,
And cut the slack.
Can't make a future,
Looking back.
Track Name: Lost (Black Smoke)
Thoughts wrapped around,
The throat of a tree.
The perfect home,
Of a broken family.
Honey glazed eyes of a child,
That's close to crying.

Do you ever dream of me?
Because I dream of you.
Dive into your swimming pool,
Too many chemicals, I cant see clearly.

I am lost,
Come find me,
Trapped in black smoke,
Inside my mind.
Come find me.
I am lost.
Track Name: Haze
Why do I have to work tonight?
I’d rather be online.
Talking to you about Morrissey,
And what his music mean to me.

I know I say things I don't mean, at the wrong time
I know I say, the wrong things, big mouth strikes again.

Why do I have to sleep tonight?
Rather walk into the light.
Solves my dependencies,
Ends my memories.

I know I say, the wrong things, at the wrong time
I know I say, things I don’t mean, big mouth strikes again.
I know I say things I don't mean, at the wrong time
I know I say, the wrong things, big mouth strikes again.
Track Name: Ruin
Put my thoughts back in the box,
For the second time this week.
Wish I could wish you luck,
But its all just got too much.

Never really cared,
Was scared to be alone.
Never really cared,
Wasn't prepared.
Now you've got another life to,

Drove me round the bend,
Drove me fucking crazy.

I'm not crazy for you.
I'm just crazy ,
because of all the things you,


Flowers on your window sill,
Wilt and become incomplete.
I'm so much stronger now,
Than you ever will be.